Downloadable MCtwo 2014 Content

Stages of Faith

Cultivating Missionary Resilience Through Sacred Rhythms 

Nurture Program

Breaking the Trauma Cycle in the Missionary Family

Chart of Spiritual Discipline - Venite Ministries 

Personal Rule of Life Statements

Extended Breakout on Resiliency 


Spiritual Preferences

Spiritual Pathway Assessment

Partnering for Effective Ministry Care

Missionary Care During Major Seasonal Transition

Cultivating Missionary Resilience Through Marriage Enrichment

Nurturing Missionaries to Preserve

Good Shepherding Promotes Resilience in Missionaries and Their Families

Adult Missionary Kids

Being a Caregiver for Missionaries

Cultivating Missionary Resilience Through Sacred Rhythms

Definitions of Resilience 

Effective Partnership and Missionary Care

Good Shepherding

Maintaining Multiple Spheres of Relationships

Missionary Attrition

Missionary Life


Nurturing Missionaries

Overcoming Homogenization Forces

Raising Resilient Missionary Kids

Single Adult Missionaries

Stress, Addiction, and Sexual Expression

Women in the Mission Field