Mission Connexion - Mission Works

Adapting Our Care of Increasingly

Diverse Global Workers

February 23-24, 2024

God has given the Church a commission to make disciples of all nations. The Church today is taking that calling seriously, and ethnically diverse cross-cultural workers are being sent from everywhere to everywhere. We are employing ministry methodologies and financial models for ministry that are also more diverse than ever before. How do we need to adapt our care strategies? Join us as we discuss how to serve the changing landscape of global workers.

About Our Event

The aim of MC² is to inform, inspire and educate the church – including laity, pastors, leaders, mission coordinators and mission committee members – in providing effective care to their overseas cross-cultural servants and their families. The event is held every February in local Twin Cities area churches. Attendees have come from around the upper Midwest and throughout the U.S. Speakers and workshop leaders include local church leaders, national mission leaders and missionary care professionals.

Midwest Care Connexion (MC²) and MissionConnexion are excited to announce that MC² will now be offered as a part of the MissionWorks family of ministries. MC² has a 17-year history as an annual two-day networking and learning event focused on missionary care. We have served church leaders, members, mission agency care personnel and many others who choose to attend. Going forward, as part of MissionConnexion, MC² anticipates growing in its effectiveness and reach while continuing with the same purpose and values. MissionConnexion is encouraged by the opportunity to expand into a new geographical region of the U.S. and to expand their Care Connexion footprint.

Our 2024 Host

Calvary Church
2120 Lexington Ave N
Roseville, MN 55113