Midwest Conference on Missionary Care
February 15 - 16, 2019

Friday, 6 - 9 pm
Saturday, 8 am - 4 pm

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MC² 2019:
Living in the Tension Between
Rest and Risk

Fact 1:  We are commanded to REST
Fact 2:  We are commissioned to RISK
Fact 3:  Facts 1 and 2 don’t seem to square with each other. 

In Scripture, we are commanded to rest – and commissioned to spread the gospel.  Of course, numerous authors have pointed out that the command to rest is the one of the 10 Commandments that followers of Jesus take the least seriously.  In these times, as much as in any other time, our calling to spread the gospel and to serve unreached peoples throughout the world also involves taking greater and greater personal risk.  We do take our calling to the great commission very seriously, however risk-taking does not seem to go with rest-taking.  How can we encourage our missionaries to rest?  How can we encourage them to endure risk?  How do our cross-cultural workers reconcile the commission to take the risk of spreading the gospel with the command to rest?  What does Scripture say about resting and risking?  And how can we help our missionaries engage in both the command and the commission implicit in their calling?  COME to MC2 2019 and let’s talk this through together

We are blessed to have Dr. Karen Carr and Darlene Jerome from Barnabas International and Amy Young from Velvet Ashes joining us as featured speakers this year.  Each one of these women has had extensive experience serving in missions and serving missionaries in areas of high risk and will be addressing issues related to risk and rest in both plenary and breakout sessions.  In addition, Dr. Anna and Neal Hampton, featured speakers from last year’s conference, will return to this year’s conference to address issues of risk in breakout sessions and provide a special two-day pre-conference training in Risk Assessment and Management (RAM) for both church and mission leaders.  (See more about this below.) 

As always, breakout sessions will be led by our featured speakers and local and national church and mission leaders in missionary care.  In addition to addressing issues related to this year’s theme, we also will be providing at least one session at each breakout period that will address what we are calling “Church Missionary Care 101” - that is, general topics that are foundational to good care for our missionaries.  Please be sure to come back to this page in the weeks to come as we add titles and descriptions to the list. 

Two-day Pre-conference Training: 

We have asked Dr. Anna & Neal Hampton to return to this year’s conference to provide their Risk Assessment and Management (RAM) Training as a two-day workshop on Thursday and Friday, just prior to the conference.  We believe this is essential information for church and mission leaders who support missionaries who are called to high-risk locations.  The training will also be held at New Hope Church, however registration for the workshop will be managed separately and directly by the Hamptons.  Please click here for a full description of the training or here for registration information.

2019 Featured Speakers

D    r Karen Carr    Barnabas International

Dr Karen Carr
Barnabas International

Darlene Jerome
Barnabas International

Amy Young    Velvet Ashes

Amy Young
Velvet Ashes

Karen Carr & Darlene Jerome, Barnabas International

Saturday Plenary: Called to Rest, Called to Risk
Breakout: Reflections from a Six-Month Sabbatical
Breakout: How to Support Resilience in Missionaries – what enhances and what hinders resilience? 

Amy Young, Velvet Ashes

Friday Evening Keynote: Managing the Tension Between Risk & Rest
Breakout: How You Can Use Velvet Ashes to Help Your Missionary Women With the Pressures They Face
Breakout: A Holy, Holey, Wholly Inventory for Cross-Cultural Workers in Risky Locations

Additional Breakout Sessions:

Click on session title to see more information about the session and the speaker(s).

More Workshops based on the 2019 theme:

How does rest and risk assessment apply to short-term teams?
David & Elizabeth Givens, SEND International

Nurturing Rest in the Tension of Risk:
Brian and Diane Harris, ReachGlobal

Risk Assessment and Management (RAM) Training Mini Course
Neal & Anna Hampton, Barnabas International

Responding to Crisis on the Mission Field as a Supporter and Sending Organization
Randy McAlister, Crisis Consulting International

The Elusive Art of Sabbath Keeping: Helping Global Workers Thrive
Perry Bradford, Barnabas International

Risk Panel hosted by
Joann Pittman, ChinaSource

Understanding, Caring and Resourcing MKs/TCKs
Tammy Sharp, Barnabas International

TCK Panel: How My Family Rested and Risked Well . . .or Not!
Tammy Sharp, Barnabas International

“Missionary Care 101” Track:

Letters Never Sent: The Untold Realities of Missionary Life.
Terri Miller, ReachGlobal

What in the World is a Home Assignment?
Terry Miller, ReachGlobal

Care For Missionary Marriages
Debbie Klaver, WMPL, Mike and Gail Koski, WMPL

A Chord of Three Strands
Jay Ludwig, City Hill Church & Theresa Hartford, Bethany International

The Fabulous Five Times of Missionary Care:
Todd and Tamara Rasmuson, Bethlehem Baptist Church

Continuum of Care - Building Foundations of Empowerment
Amy Owen, Bethany Gateways

Cost for two day event: 

General Admission $75.00
Student and Missionary Discounted Price $60.00
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February 15 - 16, 2019
Friday: 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Housing information:

At this date, we encourage those who are coming from out of town to peruse what’s out there on an internet search for what’s available near New Hope Church.  The booking arrangements we had made for the conference at a local hotel have expired. Please note that you are responsible for your transportation to and from the conference.


2019 Location:
New Hope Church

4225 Gettysburg Ave N
New Hope, MN 55428

There will be signs directing you to the best parking areas for the conference.



Any questions can be directed to Karen Gladen the Office Manager at Minnesota Renewal Center: