Save the Date for 2019 MC²
February 15 - 16, 2019
Our Host: New Hope Church, New Hope, MN

Featured Speakers:
Karen Carr and Darlene Jerome
Barnabas International & the Mobile Member Care Team

2019 Theme:
Living in the Tension Between Risk and Rest

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About the Conference:

The Midwest Conference on Missionary Care is an annual event co-sponsored by Minnesota Renewal Center, Barnabas International and Transform Minnesota (formerly the Greater Minnesota Association of Evangelicals).

The aim of MC² is to inform, inspire and educate the church – including laity, pastors, leaders, mission coordinators and mission committee members – in providing effective care to their overseas missionaries and missionary families. The event is held every February in local Twin Cities area churches. Attendees have come from around the upper Midwest and throughout the country. Speakers and workshop leaders include local church leaders, national mission leaders and missionary care professionals.

About this year's conference:

MC² 2019:

Living in the Tension Between Risk and Rest

Friday, February 15th, 6 - 9 pm
Saturday, February 16th, 8 am - 4 pm


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Missionaries work in teams. In fact, missionaries usually participate in a number of teams including:

  • the team of their sending church and supporters

  • the team of the mission/sending agency

  • the mission team in their particular country of service

  • the team in their ministry location, whether that team is comprised of team members from the same mission, expats from multiple agencies, or a mix of expat and national members

  • the team of the local church in their country of service

  • and even missionary families themselves make up teams!

We also want to acknowledge the increasing reality that missionaries serve in cross-cultural teams.  And we want to address the reality that caregivers here at home belong to teams, as well.  Some teams function well – others, not so much.  As we think about caring for our beloved cross-cultural servants, it’s important for us to have a good understanding of their experiences in the various teams they are a part of and investigate how we can better serve them in those experiences.  

We are blessed to have Dr. Laura Mae Gardner of Wycliffe back with us this year and Dr. Anna and Neal Hampton of Barnabas International as featured speakers.  All three of our featured speakers have had extensive experience in serving on mission teams and also leading and ministering to mission teams.  They have much on their hearts to share with us about team life.  Between their plenary sessions and the breakout sessions led by church and mission leaders, we will ponder together:

  • God’s missional purposes in using teams to spread the Good News about Himself

  • The various benefits and challenges missionaries experience in serving on teams

  • The sensitive theological, cultural and generational issues that affect mission teams

  • What dysfunctional and healthy teams look like

  • What we can do here at home to encourage our missionaries in their team experiences

  • How we can to work well together as teammates with other supporters here at home

  • How we can prepare candidates before they go to the field for working well on teams

We hope you’ll join us as we learn together how to encourage our global servants toward effectively working in community with one another.

Featured Speakers

Karen Carr

Darlene Jerome



2018 Location:
New Hope Church
4225 Gettysburg Ave N
New Hope, MN 55428







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