Paul McAlister, Pioneer Bible Translators

Who is Responsible to be the Steward of “Self-Care?”

Every year 8000 missionaries leave the field prematurely! Preventable reasons account for 71% of those departures. How does stewardship relate to missionary care?  What is the missionaries’ responsibility in self-care as stewardship?  Does the stewardship of the senders or supporters include holding missionaries accountable for their own self-care? If so, how would one carry out that mandate? How can the church and the missionary partner to see that the missionary is faithful to self-care? This session will look at two elements in this concern: The complex range of Missionary needs and the mandate of Self Care.  Questions will be raised for discussion to help us focus on our responsibilities and opportunities. We will also discuss some of the resources available to help us think through and implement missionary care.

Paul K. McAlister has an M. Div. in Theology and Philosophy from Lincoln Christian University and a Doctoral degree from Bethel Theological Seminary.  He taught for 30 years in areas of Theology and Missions at Minnesota Bible College. He also taught Ethics courses for Augsburg, Bethel, and the Mayo Medical School.  He currently serves as Chair of the Community Relations Board of the Federal Medical Center (U.S. Bureau of Prisons) and does Hospital Chaplaincy training from the Mayo Clinic.  Paul has served with Pioneer Bible Translators first as a Board member then full time in the area of member care with special attention to Child Safety and Development.  He also serves as a training consultant for PBT and does interventions in interpersonal issues on field visits.  He has provided numerous Perspectives lectures as well as serving as program coordinator for Perspective courses.