The Promise and Peril of Personality Types

Susie Schultz, Excelsior Park Associates, LLC/Westwood Community Church

Do you want to improve the interpersonal dynamics of your Mission Team members here, near and far? Do you know what personality type you show up with?  Do you know what personality type your team members show up with?  The bringing together of personality types is fraught with promise or peril. How we are wired, how we show up impacts communication, making decisions, handling conflict, dealing with change, setting goals and taking action.  This workshop will give participants a language and framework for understanding themselves and others better which they can put into practice immediately.

Susie Schultz has a passion for people learning about how God has gifted and wired them so that they can navigate life with confidence and serve others with joy! Through her consulting firm, Excelsior Park Associates, LLC, she works with individuals, teams and organizations to assist them in reaching their goals of personal and corporate success.  She is a guest speaker at women’s events, speaking on topics such as: Being a Confident Woman, Myths of Motherhood and a Walk on the Wild Side with Jesus.  She serves on the Bethel University Business Advisory Board for mentors, worships at Westwood Community Church in Chanhassen, Minnesota and is currently co-leading, LifeKeys: Discover Who You Are”.  She and her family live in Excelsior, Minnesota.