This page is only for organizations and churches that would like to help support the MC² conference.

Registration is officially closed and online registration is no longer available. Registrations can be completed at the door, but meals can not be guaranteed.

If you are an individual looking for the Conference Registration page, please click here.

If you are registering for the conference as an Allotted Member of a Supporting Church/Organization, please click here. (Please note: Each person coming to the conference needs to fill out a registration form.)

There are two levels of participation for this year:  

$250 sponsorship will allow the organization to register 5 individuals for the conference.
$500 sponsorship will allow the organization to register 10 individuals for the conference.

Current list of supporting churches/organizations for 2020:
Fill out this form and submit payment if you would like your organization added to this list.

To register as a supporting church/organization

Please fill out the following form - boxes marked with a " * " are required.

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Contact Person
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Please indicate your level of support for the 2020 MC2 conference.
Click Submit to choose your level of support and to make payment through PayPal. Please add a note in the box below if you would like to make an additional contribution towards the conference and someone will contact you. Thank You!

If you would like to make an additional contribution to help with conference expenses, please call Karen, Minnesota Renewal Center's Office Manager, at 651-486-4828.

Any questions can be directed to Karen Gladen, Office Manager at Minnesota Renewal Center: