Title: Caring for Teams in High Risk Situations
Moderator: Joann Pittman
Panelists: various personnel from 3 sending organizations

(note: due to security concerns, the panel was not recorded and the panelists will remain unnamed)

In this panel we heard from member care specialists who provide oversight and support for people serving in high risk environments. Here are some key points that were made during the panel discussion: 

  • It is hard to give a definite definition of a risky situation. It is a situational question. Whether a team member stays or leaves a high risk situation will depend on many factors. 
  • During missionary preparation, it is important for the prospective missionary to develop a theology of suffering and risk. 
  • Having a crisis management plan is crucial. The plan should be at the personal, team, and organizational levels. There will be multiple voices speaking into a crisis situation.
  • The loudest voice must be the Holy Spirit. 
  • Those who opt to remain in a high risk or crisis situation must not condemn those who opt to evacuate. Those who evaluate should not condemn those who opt to stay. 
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