Sending Strategic Short Term Teams

Todd & Tamara Rasmuson, Bethlehem Baptist Church

What makes a great short-term experience?  Who benefits most?  The volunteer, the missionary you help, the ministry ‘over there’ or the church?  How can you create a short-term experience that is a win-win for all four?  What questions do you need to ask before you commit your church to a short-term ministry?  When is short-term valuable enough to warrant the money spent and when does it hurt – both those who go and those they go to?

Todd and Tamara began serving in their current roles at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis in 2012.  Todd is the pastor for global outreach and Tamara is the coordinator for global partner care.  Todd and Tamara served for eight years with Mission: Moving Mountains (M:MM) in Tanzania. In 2002, Todd accepted the role as president of M:MM.  From 2006–2011, he then served as Executive Director of Daystar U.S., serving to advance Daystar University in Kenya.  Todd & Tamara live in the Phillips Neighborhood of South Minneapolis.