Dan Germo, Bethany Gateways

Security Stress: What the Missionary Experiences & What They Need from Home

When security on the field becomes precarious stress rises within the missionaries.  It is critical for leadership at home to understand what missionaries are going through, how to help them in the midst of the crisis, and more so, how to walk them through the aftermath.  The facilitator will examine principles learned through leading an international mission and through his personal experiences on the field of: 

  • Living through extended civil unrest.
  • Being car-jacked and held hostage by criminals.
  • Running evacuations in the face of vicious terrorist activity.

Dan Germo, originally from Canada, is the International Director of Bethany Gateways.  He and his wife, Nancy, both graduated from Bethany Global University in Minneapolis.  Upon graduation Dan worked for several years within BGU, while Nancy pursued Nurses training.  In 1999 they moved to Nairobi, Kenya to work within a new Kenyan mission initiative where they were involved in training African missionaries to reach unreached tribes throughout the country.   Dan & Nancy have three kids, two who were born in Kenya.  As of their return from Africa in 2014 they have made their home in the inner-city of Minneapolis.