Sabbath: An invitation to Soul Care awaits your RSVP (Breakout)
A most magnificent invitation awaits each and every one of us week after week.  Why is it that this life-giving invitation of celebration and rest goes neglected?  Just who is the Invitor, what are we invited to and what if we do not RSVP?  Sadly Sabbath is an often neglected aspect of soul care yet it is one of the most critical and life giving practices for field workers.  Several issues comprise Sabbath neglect such as; guilt (how can I take time off), confusion (what is it), pride (I don't need it), drivenness (too busy), lack faith, (all will fall apart if I stop to res), etc.  Hundreds of workers have shared of the transformation in their ministry and personal lives when Sabbath is observed.  Why is Sabbath rest and celebration so central to soul care?  Is there any way in which agency leaders, pastors, home churches, friends can encourage and assist towards a Sabbath priority for their field workers? You are invited to come and refresh yourselves during this Sabbath journey and reflection.