Understanding, Caring and Resourcing MKs/TCKs

Tammy Sharp, Barnabas International

Missionary kids face unique blessings, challenges and risks as third culture kids (TCKs). This workshop will highlight three ways the church can love MKs/TCKs well--by understanding them, caring and knowing resources.  Practical suggestions will be given and several resources will be on hand.

Tammy was born and raised in Brazil where her parents served as teachers and administrators at Amazon Valley Academy.  She attended Wheaton College to become a high school history teacher with the intention of teaching in a MK school somewhere in the world.  She ended up going back to Brazil to teach after teaching for 5 years in Alaska.  Tammy then finished her Master's in Education and planned to head back overseas, but instead became a missionary serving as the MK Coordinator at a mission agency.  After 14 years serving MKs at Crossworld ages 0-80, Tammy joined Barnabas International as a TCK Consultant.