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Soul Food to Go: 

Care for the Missionary Soul

Books and resources by our speakers:

Certalic, John.  Them: The Richer Life Found in Caring for Others.  Henschel Haus Publishing, Inc.  To be released February 27, 2016.  See
This book shares stories of people giving of themselves to care for others, expecting nothing in return, yet surprisingly gaining everything.

Gardner, Laura Mae.  Healthy, Resilient, & Effective in Cross-Cultural Ministry: A Comprehensive Member Care Plan.  Katalis, 2015.  Available through
A “treasure house” of information needed to care well for missionaries. 

Ohanian, Nairy.  Now Can You Trust Me? Stories of Faith and Adventure in Armenia.  Ohanian Publishing, 2007.
This collection of both humorous and inspiring stories from everyday life in Armenia portrays the faith, reliance, and courage of one woman learning to live in a new culture.

Raymo, Jim and Judy.  Millennials and Mission: A Generation Faces a Global Challenge.  William Carey Library, 2014.
The authors assess the potential for significant contributions to missions and ministry by the Millennial Generation.  

Shaum, Scott.  Blog: 
Intended for those caring for God’s scattered servants, Scott writes: “Shepherding God’s servants across the globe is a unique work requiring clear thinking (theology), solid practices (skills), clear purposes (holistic vitality of the sheep), and essential personal vibrancy (the shepherd’s own overflowing life).  …Each of these arenas shall be reflected upon in this blog site.”        

Recommended Books:

Allender, Dan.  Sabbath: The Ancient Practices.  Thomas Nelson, 2009.
Rather than focusing on dedicating the day to God or resting from work, the reader is invited to make a concerted effort to dedicate one day to experiencing joy, beauty and delight.

Barton, Ruth Haley.  Sacred Rhythms: Arranging Our Lives for Spiritual Transformation.  InterVarsity Press, 2010.
Spiritual disciplines are activities that open us to God's transforming love and the changes that only God can bring about in our lives. Picking up on the monastic tradition of creating a "rule of life" that allows for regular space for the practice of the spiritual disciplines, this book takes you more deeply into understanding seven key disciplines along with practical ideas for weaving them into everyday life.

Barton, Ruth Haley.  Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership: Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry.  IVP Books, 2008.
Ruth Haley Barton invites the reader to an honest exploration of what happens when spiritual leaders lose track of their souls. Weaving together contemporary illustrations with penetrating insight from the life of Moses, the author covers topics such as responding to the dynamics of calling, facing the loneliness of leadership, leading from your authentic self, cultivating spiritual community, reenvisioning the promised land, and discerning God's will together.

Chaplin, Melissa.  Returning Well: Your Guide to Thriving Back "Home" After Serving Cross-Culturally.  Newton Publishers, 2015.

Eenigenburg, Susan and Bliss, Robynn.  Expectations and Burnout: Women Surviving the Great Commission.  CA: William Carey Library, 2013.
 The book explores expectations missionary women have of self, others, organizations, host culture, even of God, that may be unrealistic, leading to discouragement and exhaustion.  The authors share field survey data and personal experience.  Sharing insights and devotional thoughts encourage more realistic expectations as well as faith in the God who can do the impossible.   

Foyle, Marjorie.  Honourably Wounded: Stress Among Christian Workers (Revised Addition).  Monarch, 2009. 
First published in 1987, and updated in 2001.  Dr. Foyle writes from her perspective as a missionary (many years in India) and a psychiatrist.  She has seen first hand that workers get wounded because they are on the front lines of battle.  With compassion she writes about stress, and explores topics such as depression, singleness and marriage, adjustment, interpersonal relationships, and missionary care.

Griffin, Emilie.  Wilderness Time: A Guide for Spiritual Retreat.  Harper Collins, 1997.
A practical guide to self-guided spiritual retreats for individuals and groups.

Hill, Harriet; Hill, Margaret; Baggé, Dick; and Miersma, Pat.  Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help (Expanded Edition 2016).  American Bible Society, 2016.
This book offers a practical approach to engaging the Bible and mental health principles to find God’s healing for wounds of the heart.  It provides a strong foundation for restoring lives and relationships.

Jervis, Anne.  At the Heart of the Gospel: Suffering in the Earliest Christian Message.  Wm. B. Eerdman’s Publishing Co., 2007.
The author explores “suffering” in three of Paul’s letters — 1 Thessalonians, Philippians, and Romans.   Focus is on accepting suffering with faith that even though we suffer, God's great plan for all creation does not include suffering, and God will ultimately vanquish human misery.

Jethani, Skye.  With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God.  Thomas Nelson, 2011.
Stop Living Your Life Under, Over, From and For God and Start Living in Communion With Him.

Kenny, Alexis.  Married in Mission: A handbook for Couples in Cross-Cultural Service.  Can be found at:!purchase/ch6q

Langberg, Diane.  Suffering and the Heart of God: How Trauma Destroys and Christ Restores.  New Growth Press, 2015.
When someone suffers through trauma, can healing happen? And, if yes, how does it happen?  The author tackles these difficult questions with insights she has gained through more than forty years of counseling those whose lives have been destroyed by trauma and abuse.  Dr. Langberg calls those who wish to help sufferers to model Jesus’s sacrificial love and care in how they listen, love, and guide. The heart of God is revealed to sufferers as they grow to understand the cross of Christ and how their God came to this earth and experienced such severe suffering that he too is well-acquainted with grief.

Lotz, Anne Graham.  Wounded by God’s People: Discovering How God’s Love Heals Our Hearts.  Zondervan, 2013.
The author shares stories of wounding and being wounded — her own story and the account of Hagar in the Bible.  She explores the healing journey with a special focus on God’s grace and presence.           

Macchia, Stephen.  Crafting a Rule of Life: An Invitation to the Well-Ordered Way.  IVP Books, 2012.
In this practical workbook Stephen A. Macchia looks to St. Benedict as a guide for discovering your own rule of life in community. It is a process that takes time and concerted effort; you must listen to God and discern what he wants you to be and do for his glory. But through the basic disciplines of Scripture, prayer and reflection in a small group context you will be lead forward in a journey toward Christlikeness.

McHugh, Adam.  The Listening Life: Embracing Attentiveness in a World of Distraction.  IVP Books, 2015. 
Listening is a way of life.   The author places listening at the heart of our spirituality, our relationships and our mission in the world.  Describing God as a listener, McHugh encourages his readers to listen and points them to listen to God, Scripture, Creation, others, people in pain, and to their own lives. 

Miller, Robert.  Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers.  BottomLine Media, 2011.
This serious little book emphasizes preparedness and spiritual discipline for those who work cross-culturally.  It is filled with direction and specific strategies for the fight for survival inspiritually desolate areas of the world.

Morgan, Robert J.  Prayers and Promises for Worried Parents: Hope for Your Prodigal, Help for You.  Howard Books, 2003.
Encouragement for parents of wanderers.

Peterson, Eugene.  A Long Obedience in the Same Direction: Discipleship in an Instant Society.  IVPress, 2000.  
Updated from the original book published in the 1980's, the author notes that there is a high rate of attrition in the walk of faith.  He guides the reader through the Songs of Ascents (Psalms 120-134) as pilgrimage to faithfulness and spiritual maturity.  The updated version uses "The Message."

Reeves, Michael.  Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith.  IVP Academic, 2012. 
Understanding the trinity helps in understanding the life and work of Christ, the church, prayer, and every aspect of faith. 

Reeves, Michael.  Enjoy Your Prayer Life.  10 Publishing, 2014.
A short book (48 pages) that encourages the reader that prayer is a gift to be enjoyed as an expression of faith. 

Scazzero, Peter.  Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: It’s Impossible to be Spiritually Mature, While Remaining Emotionally Immature.  Zondervan, 2014.
The author shares his own story and the the signs of emotionally unhealthy spirituality.  For spiritual growth he focuses on emotional health, the believer’s relationship with Jesus, and the classic practices of contemplative spirituality.

Schaefer, Charles and Schaefer, Frauke (Editors and Contributors)  Trauma and Resilience: A Handbook - Effectively Supporting Those Who Serve God.  Condeopress, 2013.
This book provides practical, theological, psychological, stress management, and spiritual resources to those who support people in ministry who are in crisis. 

Smith, Gordon T.  Called to be Saints: An Invitation to Christian Maturity.  IVP Academic 2014.
What is it to participate in the life of Christ, to live a life worthy of Him?  This book provides a theology of the Christian life and of holiness.  The author focuses on union with Christ, and explores characteristics of mature Christians (being wise, doing good, loving others, and being joyful).  One reviewer recommended this book especially to shepherds who are helping others to spiritual maturity.

Swinton, John.  Raging with Compassion: Pastoral Responses to the Problem of Evil.  William B. Eerdman’s Publishing Co, 2007.
The author argues for a practical theodicy (vindication of God’s goodness and justice in the presence of evil) — one embodied in the life and practices of the Christian community.  The focus is on ways in which evil and suffering can be resisted and transformed, enabling Christians to live faithfully with unanswered questions as they await God's redemption of the whole creation.

Tan, Siang-Yang.  Rest: Experiencing God's Peace in a Restless World.  Regent College Publishing, 2003.
The author practically guides the reader to slow down and respond to Jesus's invitation to come and find rest.

Teague, David.  Godly Servants: Discipleship and Spiritual Formation for Missionaries.  Mission Imprints 2012.
Written by a pastor and former missionary in the Middle East, the author writes specifically for the cross-cultural servant.

Wilson, David J., Ed.  Minding the Gaps: Engaging the Church in Missionary Care.  Mind the Gaps, 2015.
This book presents a model for creating systems of comprehensive and proactive care for missionaries by the local church.