Feeding the Soul Before They Go:

Typically, Missionaries are eager to begin the exciting call God has given them and are diligent about support raising, studying the land and the language, and buttoning up details in their hometown so they can "Go!" where God has called.  However, an often overlooked part of preparation for missions, is care of one's soul.  The first year of missions will immediately bring to the surface many soul issues that might have been overlooked back home.  Now, in a foreign land, missionaries are discovering they have few resources to tend to these issues.  

Prior to leaving, much can be done to help a missionary care for their own soul.  But what are the necessary personal and spiritual formation topics that need to be intentionally addressed? What are common issues they will face in the first year and how can a missionary purposefully create a healthy foundation for themselves prior to leaving?   These are questions that will be discussed in our 60 minute breakout session entitled "Feeding the Soul Before They Go"

Facilitator:  Dr. Christine Osgood, LMFT, D.Min. 

Christine has been working and teaching at Bethel University for the last 17 years in a variety of areas including the undergraduate Psychology department as well as the Center for Personal and Spiritual Formation at the Seminary.  Currently, she teaches a course on Personal and Faith Formation.  In addition, Christine has started The Urban Retreat, a place in the north metro that fosters personal and spiritual development in individuals and teams.  She does what she can to foster soul care so that people can function from a place of well-being as they participate in God's kingdom work.  www.theurbanretreat.info