My GO Team!

Mike & Gail Koski, World Mission Prayer League

Our focus will center on how congregations can form effective support teams for their missionaries.  We will do this by looking at keeping communication lines open between your congregation and your cross cultural workers, being sensitive to stressors/dangers these workers experience in their daily lives, sharing practical prayer needs and helping keep these sent ones be resilient, healthy, and effective in life and ministry.  We propose forming “go teams” within your congregation to practically partner with those people who God sends into the world.

Mike and Gail Koski have served from 1973 to the present with the World Mission Prayer League.  During that time, they have been seconded to five different churches/organizations serving in Zaire/DRC, South Sudan, Uganda, and three different locations within Kenya.  They have worked with Theological Education by Extension (TEE), English as a Second Language (ESL), primary evangelism, curriculum development, hospitality, member care, and many different mission leadership roles. Currently they have a member care position in the WMPL head office in Minneapolis.