Missionary Conflict:  If An Organization Or A Person Was Hemorrhaging, Wouldn't We Want To Do Something About It?  (Intensive)


Conflict can cause a lot of damage to the missionary soul.  It can lower morale, cause discouragement, sap energy, and create distance between people.  It's hard to feel at peace with God when we are not at peace with ourselves or with one another.  In this session we will think about three aspects of conflict: 1) how much damage conflict does – to ourselves, our spirit, our morale, our perspective, our peace of mind; 2) how to deal with my own conflicts, past and present; 3) how to be an agent of healing from conflict in our circles of relationship and influence. 


These are all on a personal level. However, much conflict exists at higher levels of an organization, and we will think briefly about how to be an agent of healing in group situations.