How to Help Ministry Teams Fight Fair

David & Lorene Wilson, Avant Ministries

The majority of mission work is now operating through the efforts of ministry teams, and because of this, the mission is either enhanced or hindered by cooperation and conflict among God’s chosen servants. Since diversity was part of God’s design from the beginning, we recognize that conflict is inevitable, so our missionaries are better ambassadors for the Kingdom when they handle differences in a holy way.

The scriptures will be one of our sources for study, in addition to a broader array of analysis on human nature including perspectives on marriage, church, workplace and family life:

  •     Emotional Intelligence (Travis Bradberry)
  •     Cross-Cultural Conflict (Duane Elmer)
  •     Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni)
  •     Love & Respect (Emerson Eggerichs).

Dave and Lorene Wilson served in the local church as Mission Pastor for 20+ years. Now they serve the mission agency in the role of Director of Church Relations. This topic has been refined in their hearts by the Refiners Fire after experiencing a three-year period of extraordinary conflict within a local church setting. During that time, a revolving door of 23 consultants sought to help the church recover, each with a different approach. Because of this, they are now equipped with not only empathy for those who experience conflict, but they also have a toolbox filled with helpful resources.