Friendships that Matter and Minister for Global Workers (Intensive)

Why are so many field workers experiencing loneliness, a lack of encouragement and or a feeling of not being known?  No matter who we are we need meaningful friendships as part of our soul and self-healthiness.  Yet field workers often experience great difficulty to have friendships which minister to them in mutual and purposeful ways.  We will discuss the challenges for ministry workers to have such friendships.  We will describe the types of relationships needed to sustain and satisfy such as peer friends, family relations, local friends, friends with history, mentors, counselors, pastors, etc.  We will look at the book of Proverbs for the attributes of Biblical friendships, which will give us greater understanding of the purpose and expectations in these invaluable friendships for the field.  And also, how churches and pastors can encourage workers to create, pursue and maintain such friends.