Richard (“Dick”) and Laura Mae (“Larrie”) Gardner.

Dr. Laura Mae Gardner and her husband, Dick, have served in Wycliffe and SIL for 59 years. Their 25 years of field work included translating the New Testament and the JESUS Film into an unwritten language. Following their translation project, they retooled and earned graduate degrees in missions and counseling. During their 12 years of leading the Counseling Department for Wycliffe and SIL, they trained 22 therapists; coached administrators and members through leadership and personnel challenges, handling moral issues and the impact of trauma, and developed an array of preventive materials.

They have served in various leadership roles, including International Coordinators of Counseling, International Coordinators for Member Care, and Laura Mae serving as International Vice President for Personnel for Wycliffe and SIL. She has served on several boards. She is an associate member of the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission, having served on an Executive Board for Global Member Care. Larrie is an adjunct professor for Columbia International University.

Dr. Lois Dodds and Laura Mae have co-authored a three-volume series on Global Servants, intended to assist and inform organizations both missional and humanitarian, about needs of their members.  Larrie’s book, Healthy, Resilient, and Effective in Cross-Cultural Ministry has received wide-spread appreciation, and is translated into Indonesian and Korean. She has some copies of her book which are available at $10 each. It will soon be available electronically on Amazon. Larrie has written a number of chapters in books, articles for publications, and many bulletins—over 250, designed to help mission personnel workers and leaders.

Gardners live in Tucson but travel extensively (approximately 65 countries so far) for debriefings, training, conferences, consulting and trauma care. Gardners are International Personnel Consultants and Trainers for Wycliffe. They have two married sons and eight grandchildren.