Continuum of Care - Building Foundations of Empowerment

Amy Owen, Bethany Gateways

We will begin re-imagining the Continuum of Care in a way that will allow us to differentiate between the areas of care provided by the sender (Church, Sending Organization, and Specialist Care) and the foundational levels which are primarily owned by the individual missionary. Have we sometimes created dependency in place of empowerment? How can we train and support younger generations of missionaries who have a higher level of expectation on leadership/member care involvement in their lives? We will explore a new diagram of the Continuum of Care. We will also hear from a small panel of recently returned missionary interns who will help us explore these topics.

 Amy Owen is a Member Care Specialist at Bethany Gateways. She has lived and served as a missionary with Bethany Gateways for over 6 years between 2005- 2014, in countries including Bosnia, Cambodia and Thailand. Amy served as the Associate Director of Global Internship for Bethany Global University for 8 years, helping to train and oversee missionaries in training. Much of her role includes member care for Global Interns around the world as well as long term missionary site leaders. Her passion is to see missionaries lead mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy lives in order make healthy disciples of Jesus. Her favorite time of year is that spent visiting and encouraging missionaries around the world.