Care For Missionary Marriages

Debbie Klaver, WMPL, Mike and Gail Koski, WMPL

In addition to the normal challenges of married life, on-field stressors can take a toll on missionary marriages.  Where do these couples go to receive the encouragement and support they need?  How can you as partners in their ministry become a safe place for them to be heard and helped?  What resources are available to meet these unique needs?  Come and learn how to help care well for your missionary couples so they might experience healthier marriages and more effective ministry.

Debbie Klaver served with World Mission Prayer League as a teacher and counselor in Cuenca, Ecuador for eight years.  Since then she has served in the same mission's Home Office as Personnel Director and Regional Coordinator and currently serves as the Member Care Consultant.  As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Debbie also provides counseling to missionaries and their families as well as others in the church and community at Minnesota Renewal Center.

Mike and Gail Koski have served from 1973 to the present with the World Mission Prayer League.  During that time, they have been seconded to five different churches/organizations serving in Zaire/DRC, South Sudan, Uganda, and three different locations within Kenya.  They have worked with Theological Education by Extension (TEE), English as a Second Language (ESL), primary evangelism, curriculum development, hospitality, member care, and many different mission leadership roles. Currently they have a member care position in the WMPL head office in Minneapolis.