Todd & Tamara Rasmuson, Bethlehem Baptist Church

A Biblical Foundation for Risk and Suffering in Missions and What Might We Say to Missionaries if We Believe It

All communication from a missionary is a risk at some level, and we need God's help for wisdom, faith, and courage to know when to take greater risks or not in sharing the gospel in word and deed.  After laying out a biblical foundation, we will put our attendees in the role of "missionary consultants" to some real life scenarios and ask them questions such as: What level of risk should be considered by the missionary?  Why not more or less risk? What do we say to missionaries going through risks and suffering?

Todd and Tamara began serving in their current roles at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis in 2012.  Todd is the pastor for global outreach and Tamara is the coordinator for global partner care.  God drew Todd and Tamara to faith when they were children.  Tamara was discipled in campus ministry as an undergraduate, and a pastor discipled Todd in graduate school.  Todd’s graduate studies were centered on communicating to the glory of God.  Tamara studied theology, linguistics, and biblical counseling.  Todd taught Communication at Bethel University for five years, and then God dramatically pointed their lives to missions. Todd and Tamara served for eight years with Mission: Moving Mountains (M:MM) in Tanzania. In 2002, Todd accepted the role as president of M:MM. From 2006–2011, he served as Executive Director of Daystar U.S., serving to advance Daystar University in Kenya.  Todd & Tamara live in the Phillips Neighborhood of South Minneapolis.  Their oldest son, Jacob (age 27) is married to Jaime and living in Iowa City, working on educational software.  Their first grandchild is due in February 2017.  Daniel (age 23) is living in San Francisco, working on a technology start-up to program drones for agricultural and construction purposes.